Personal Protection Outside The Home

The NRA Basics of personal protection outside the home course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude involved in safely, responsibly and effectively employing a concealed handgun for self- defense. This is an intensive course, as the student must learn and practice many diverse shooting skills in order to respond quickly and appropriately to the broad range of threats he or she may encounter outside the home. Similarly the student must also learn and understand the unique safety and legal issues that apply when a concealed handgun is carried in public. The course covers the legal ramifications of concealed carry, including who can legally carry a handgun, when concealed carry is and is not permitted, the legal and ethical ramifications when responding to a life-threatening encounter using a concealed handgun, and the legal, moral, emotional and social aftermath of the use of deadly force outside the home.

This course is an intermediate level shooting course on how to use a firearm for self-defense, and requires students to have already mastered safe gun handling and basic marksmanship skills prior to attending the course.

PREREQUISITE:  Students must have completed the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course or pass a pre-course evaluation prior to attending this course.