Membership Application:

Read these  steps to complete your application.  Downloadable forms are at the bottom of the page.

  1. An online Membership Application is available below.  You will indicate on the form the membership plan you are applying for; Individual or Family.  Open the form, complete, and submit with required documentation and payment per the instructions on the form.
  2. Each application is multiple pages.  Read and complete all, which include membership and general range rules.
  3. Send the application and required fees via U.S. Mail to the Membership Officer at the listed address.  Alternatively, you are encouraged to attend a Club meeting and personally submit your fees and application.
  4. ALL members must be members of The National Rifle Association. If you are not a member, or if you need to renew your membership, go to this website homepage, click the NRA link and complete or renew your NRA Membership. You will be extended the special rates reserved for club members.
  5. ALL members must prove you are eligible to own and possess firearms by passing a Virginia State Police background check, or one of the alternatives as provided on the application
  6. ALL members must attend a mandatory Range Safety Orientation.  Range Safety Orientations are held by prior arrangement with our Club Safety Officer. Following application submission you will be contacted by the Safety Officer. You may not proceed in the application process before this is completed.
  7. Attend three club events:  Attendance at 3 club events is required prior to your nomination for membership.  The event chair/coordinator must sign your form attesting to your attendance during the event, which upon completion must be submitted to the Membership Officer.  This requirement of 3 events is to allow you to get to know the Club, it's members and allows the Club to get to know you.  Waived for Youth members.
  8. Upon completion of the above steps, your name will be place in nomination for membership at the next scheduled Club Membership meeting.  Following your acceptance by a majority vote of those members in attendance, you will be eligible to receive your membership card also providing range access and enjoy the benefits of a full voting member of the Club.

Just below are links to downloadable, .pdf Forms. They can be completed online, then printed for submission.