Club Arial view

Rappahannock Pistol and Rifle Club is situated on 55 acres of land at 640 Blueberry Point Rd in White Stone, Virginia.  

The property is gated for member/guest access only, with ranges available from 9:00AM to sunset Monday through Saturday, and 1:00PM to sunset on Sundays.



Our shotgun facilities include a Shotgun Range offering Wobble Trap, 5 Stand Shooting, as well as traditional Trap programs scheduled weekly.



In addition to Shotgun we have three pistol/rifle ranges, measuring 25, 50 and 100 yards respectively.  Each range features a covered concrete shooting areas, with appropriate shooting benches.

RPRC 001


Our 25 Yd Range (shown) has 12 shooting lanes with movable target stands at 7, 10 & 25 yds. In addition there is a lane set up with a falling plate target system and a plinking lane for pistol shooters' use.  The 25 yd range is for pistol shooting only.


The 50 yd range. with target stations available at 25 & 50 yards has ten shooting lanes and a "plinking" lane where members may place virtually any target of their choosing.

The 100 yd range has target stations only at that distance, along with a plinking area as with the 50 yd range..

On both of these ranges portable movable targets may be employed.

Each range is posted with applicable Range Rules which must be follow at all times.