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If you have ideas for improvement and expansion of our competition program please contact the Board of Directors.

Competition Events at RPRC

Our club has a long tradition of holding competitive matches, the result of awards for events which is the recognition of participants’ marksmanship skills in each discipline at the Club’s Annual Dinner.  Awards are presented to first, second, and third place in Pistol Marksmanship, Rifle Marksmanship, Shotgun Marksmanship, and Club Championship. (Guests of Members are welcome to participate, however are not eligible for Club Champion awards).

In addition to an engraved pewter tankard the overall Club Champion receives the Taylor Award, consisting of having their name engraved on a perpetual plaque and holding the prestigious Taylor Trophy, a Herreshoff miniature firing cannon, for the ensuing year.  (Click the image to left to learn more about it.)

The intent of each match is to foster friendly competition among members and their guests, and provide an opportunity to enhance participants’ marksmanship proficiency. Rifle and pistol matches consist of both rim-fire and center-fire events.  Shotgun matches consist of conventional trap, 5 Stand Trap and Wobble trap.  While marksmanship is a criterion for proficiency, participation in as many events as possible is equally important to becoming a champion.  Each match is open to shooters of all capabilities and generally scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from April through October.  See the Club Calendar for specific dates and times.

Members are encouraged to attend as an observer as well as to participate. If you want to improve your marksmanship, consider reviewing the match descriptions below, get out and practice the actual match, and ask for advice from others.  Contact the Club’s Competition Officer, or each discipline’s Chairperson about opportunities to practice. Match descriptions and courses of fire are found below.

Top participants in individual matches will earn prizes and awards, variously consisting of material items and/or cash awards, as determined for that match.

(Clicking on the Bolded, Underlined Blue text will open a document with event specifics and course of fire which may be printed for your reference.)

Date           Discipline   Event

04/29/17         Rifle               Silhouette:  Rim-fire

04/29/17         Rifle               Silhouette: Center-fire

05/13/17         Pistol             Los-Alamitos: Rim-fire
6/10/17 - Make up date for 5/13 rain out.

05/13/17         Pistol             Los Alamitos: Center-fire
6/10/17 -  Make up date for 5/13 rain out.

05/21/17         Shotgun         Conventional Trap

06/04/17         Shotgun         5 Stand Match

06/17/17         Rifle               Bench Rest, 100yd: Rim-fire

06/17/17         Rifle               Bench Rest, 100yd: Center-fire

07/08/17         Pistol             Centerfire Speed Match

07/22/17         Rifle               Rim-fire – Bench rest, 50 yds.

07/22/17         Rifle               Rim-fire - Slow & Rapid fire

08/12/17         Pistol             Single Tyro: Rim-fire

08/12/17         Pistol             Single Tyro: Center-fire

08/27/17         Shotgun         Winner's Choice from 5/21/17

09/09/17         Pistol              NRA-Short-Course

09/24/17         Shotgun          Wobble Trap Match

10/07/17         Rifle                Rifle Military Offhand-rv.9.17

10/22/17         Pistol               Falling Plates: Rim-fire

10/22/17         Pistol               Falling Plates: Center-fire