2018 Membership Renewal


Last year we instituted online renewal and payment with great success.  This year we have simplified the process, eliminating the need to complete a lengthy renewal form.  Our Membership Database is now established, requiring you only to update existing contact information and/or provide any missing information.  Your Membership Profile will be pre-filled with existing information.

As has been the case for several years, while requiring having your NRA Membership Number AND expiration date on file, we no longer process NRA renewals.  If you need to renew with the NRA, click on the NRA emblem on our Home Page - you will be taken to the NRA website and will receive the appropriate Club Member discount.

Additionally, you will not be sent a new membership card.  Your existing gate card will be automatically renewed for 2018 as your membership card.

Annual Membership Dues are due January 1st, 2018.  Members NOT paid in full by January 31 are considered past due, and per club bylaws, shall have range access and all privileges suspended as of that date.  Any member not paid by March 31 shall be dropped from Club rolls without further notice or hearing forfeiting all rights and privileges of membership.

For complete information click on "2018 Membership Renewal" under the Members Only menu, or follow this link:  RENEWAL

You will be required to log into the Member Only section of the website.  If you have difficulty in doing so please contact us:
IT Chair Nick Ridgely via emailsupport@rprclub.com
Club President Bob Heller;          (610) 772-1029 or pres@rprclub.com

If you desire to use the US Mail for submitting your renewal, the instructions and form can be accessed here: Download Renewal Form.

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